Donald Trump released one video that left Joe Biden pressing the panic button

Mar 13, 2024

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to square off in the longest General Election campaign in history.

But Trump has already seized the upper hand.

And Donald Trump released one video that left Joe Biden pressing the panic button.

Pro-Trump Super PAC releases blistering new ad questioning Biden’s age

On the day of the State of the Union Address, the pro-Trump Super PAC Maga Inc. released a hard-hitting new TV ad entitled “jugular.” 

In the ad, the narrator warned that Biden may not make it to 2029 if he gets re-elected in November.

The ad ended with a cackling Kamala Harris side by side with an infirmed Biden stumbling up a flight of stairs as a reminder that if he can’t complete his second term, then the historically unpopular Harris will take over as President.

Democrats and the media mob melt down in response 

The response from the Left was particularly unhinged.

Biden-Harris campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa fired off a profane response where she ticked off the usual lies, conspiracy theories, and hoaxes that the Democrats feed the American people about Donald Trump.

“This is a sick and deranged stunt from a broke and struggling campaign that can’t defend Trump’s extreme Project 2025 agenda to ban abortion, separate families, raise costs on the middle class, repeal health care, and sow chaos and division,” Moussa ranted.

“Trump tried this strategy four years ago and got his @ss kicked by Joe Biden – he should tune in tonight alongside tens of millions of Americans to see why President Biden will beat him again this November,” Moussa whined.

The media essentially admitted the ad was wildly effective, with MSNBC’s Garrett Haake comparing it to the Willie Horton ad from the 1988 Presidential campaign.

“It is as aggressive an ad as — some say inappropriate ad as anybody, as I’ve seen, as you pointed out, since Willie Horton, but I think it speaks to aggressive posture of the Trump campaign and their allies want to take in this campaign and to the degree that they want to make Joe Biden’s fitness,” Haake stated.

The media seethes to this day about an ad run by Americans for Bush arm of the National Security Political Action Committee that detailed how Democrat nominee Michael Dukakis released Horton as part of a prisoner furlough program when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Willie Horton ad 

Horton was serving life in prison for a gas station robbery where he and his accomplices stabbed an attendant and then stuffed him in a trash can where he bled to death.

On his weekend off during his furlough in 1986, Horton went to Maryland and raped a woman twice after pistol-whipping her fiancé.

The devastating ad linking Dukakis to Horton’s crime spree while out on Furlough helped sink him and remains the gold standard of political attack ads.

If the media is already comparing it to the Trump Super PAC ad about Biden’s age, then they are worried it will have the same devastating effects on him as it did on Dukakis.

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