Donald Trump saw two new bombshell polls that will have him grinning from ear to ear

May 17, 2023

The 2024 Presidential contest is about to kick into high gear.

Never-Trump RINOs and corporate-controlled media activists are looking for a way to stop Trump’s candidacy.

And Donald Trump saw two new bombshell polls that will have him grinning from ear to ear.

On May 13, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired his first real salvo in the 2024 campaign during a swing through Iowa.

DeSantis rolled out 37 endorsements from the Iowa GOP establishment and spoke at two well-attended events where he delivered a message that Donald Trump was a loser and said the GOP’s best chance to win in 2024 was with a forward-looking campaign that focused on Joe Biden.

But greeting DeSantis – and the rest of the GOP establishment desperate to defeat Trump – was an American Greatness poll of Republican voters in Iowa that showed Trump holding a double digit lead over the field.

Trump — 44% (+18)
DeSantis — 26%
Haley — 6%
Pence — 4%
Ramaswamy — 3%
Hutchinson — 1%
T. Scott — 1%
Sununu — 0%
Undecided — 15%

In a head-to-head matchup with just Ron DeSantis, Trump also held a double-digit lead of 45% to 33% over the Governor.

Trump’s support in this poll was built on the fact that 87% of Republicans have a favorable view of his job as President.

There were two warning signs in the poll for Trump.

First was the fact that more Iowa Republicans had an unfavorable view of Trump than DeSantis.

“Trump had a slight edge over DeSantis on the question of favorability, with 72 percent of Iowa voters having a favorable opinion of him versus 71 percent having a favorable opinion of DeSantis. However, more Iowa voters had an unfavorable opinion of Trump (28 percent) than DeSantis (21 percent),” American Greatness reported.

Second was the fact that voters preferred a conservative fighter who gets things done over a conservative political outsider by a 73% to 13% margin.

“When asked which type of Republican candidate they would be more likely to support, ‘a conservative political outsider’ or ‘a conservative fighter who gets things done,’ likely voters overwhelmingly chose a fighter over an outsider, 73 percent to 13 percent,” American Greatness reported.

Trump is trying to recast himself as the 2016 bull who took down the establishment while DeSantis is running on his record of achievement in Florida.

This poll suggests Trump should lean in on accomplishments as President.

Finally, a Florida Atlantic University poll found Trump trouncing DeSantis 59% to 31% in the Florida Primary.

This poll also found that 87 percent of Republicans support the idea of Trump as the GOP nominee.

DeSantis and his supporters believe the mere act of him entering the race will change the polling.

But these new polls show the depth of Trump’s support and his popularity within the GOP.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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