Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear over this leak about Jack Smith

Mar 28, 2024

Jack Smith is the Democrats’ chosen prosecutor to wage lawfare against Donald Trump.

But the tables have turned on Smith.

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear over this leak about Jack Smith.

New York Times admits no evidence against Donald Trump

New York Times left-wing activists Glenn Thrush and Adam Goldman published a March 22 piece entitled Inside Garland’s Effort to Prosecute Trump, where they tried to explain why Garland took so long to approve criminal charges against Trump as a way of explaining why Trump is likely going to succeed in delaying the January 6 and Mar-a-Lago document trials past the election.

In the 21st paragraph of a 3,594-word story, Goldman and Thrush did their best to hide the truth about why the Biden Department of Justice waited so long to indict Trump.

And it was simply because there was no evidence of criminal activity.

Biden’s prosecutors tried to link Trump and his aides financially to anyone who engaged in violence on January 6 – which would have provided a straightforward case – but came up empty-handed because Trump and his team did nothing that day except organize a political rally that is protected speech under the First Amendment.

“Department leaders believed that the best way to justify prosecuting Mr. Trump and the Willard plotters was to find financial links between them and the rioters — because they thought it would be more straightforward and less risky than a case based on untested election interference charges, according to people with knowledge of the situation. But that conventional approach, rooted in prosecutorial muscle memory, yielded little,” Thrush and Goldman wrote.

January 6 Committee intervenes

Goldman and Thrush also confirmed that the purpose of the January 6 Committee was to pressure the Department of Justice to arrest Trump on any criminal charges they could find.

“By late in the year, the Committee was making clear that one of its goals was to force Mr. Garland to bring more urgency to the Justice Department investigation, suggesting it could make a criminal referral to the department on election interference charges,” Thrush and Goldman also reported.

Thrush and Goldman conceded that the pressure campaign worked.

Garland’s new unit to investigate Trump began to look into if the Proud Boys, Alex Jones, and Trump’s inner circle conspired to pay for anyone arrested on January 6 to come to Washington, D.C.

Since all prosecutors would have to prove is that Trump knew of the plan to pay for protestors to travel to Washington, D.C., and stay in hotels, this would have allowed them to indict him on a conspiracy charge.

But once again, Biden’s prosecutors found no evidence of any criminal behavior or payment to January 6 protestors, as the rally attendees simply paid for their own travel and lodging.

“Yet the deeper prosecutors dug, the less about money they seemed to find,” Thrush and Goldman wrote. “The reality was more mundane. Most rioters drove themselves to Washington, paid their airfare and hotel bills out of pocket, slept on couches, or set up crowdfunding sites.”

The Department of Justice fabricates criminal charges 

Goldman and Thrush wrote that as 2021 came to a close, since Garland and his prosecutors couldn’t find any evidence of actual crimes, they decided to invent crimes that heretofore had never existed.

“As the year came to a close, the department’s leadership had no alternative but to steer the investigation into choppy, uncharted waters: They shifted focus to election fraud,” Thrush and Goldman wrote.

Smith ended up indicting Trump on a host of conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstructing official proceeding charges.

The Supreme Court may throw out the obstruction of an official proceeding charge against January 6 defendants, as the statute in question revolves around destroying documents.

Smith using conspiracy to defraud the United States to indict Trump could also prove problematic because the Supreme Court has continuously reaffirmed that someone has to be cheated out of money or property for fraud to occur.

Smith is claiming Trump defrauded the American people out of the idea that their votes will count.

But Smith was stuck indicting Trump on made up crimes because the New York Times confirmed that the Justice Department failed to turn up any evidence of actual crimes committed by Donald Trump.

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