Fox News just made one major decision about Donald Trump that instantly backfired

Feb 27, 2023

Fox News Channel’s relationship with Donald Trump will be one of the biggest stories of the 2024 Republican Presidential campaign.

But it looks like Fox News has already picked a side.

And Fox News just made one major decision about Donald Trump that instantly backfired.

Donald Trump traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, to show the people of the distressed community that not all of America’s leaders forgot about them after a train derailment poisoned their air and water with toxic chemicals.

Trump is one of the leading contenders to win the White House and his visit to East Palestine constituted national news.

Yet none of the three major cable news networks – Fox News included – covered Trump’s trip.

Mediaite reports:

Former President Donald Trump’s live remarks from East Palestine, Ohio were ignored by the three major cable news networks on Wednesday.

Newsmax and OAN, both to the right of Fox News, carried the remarks live and offered analysis following the event.

The Fox News blackout of Trump owes to network founder Rupert Murdoch’s decision following the 2022 Midterm elections to cut off the former President and look for a new candidate to support in 2024.

“We have been clear with Donald. There have been conversations between them during which Rupert made it clear to Donald that we cannot back another run for the White House,” a source close to Murdoch told the New York Post.

Fox News did not want to cover Trump’s visit because the tour of East Palestine was his message of putting America and its forgotten men and women first.

During this speech in East Palestine, Trump noted that Joe Biden never visited the site of the disaster and that the administration was planning on turning a blind eye.

“They were intending to do absolutely nothing for you,” Trump stated.

Trump pointed out that the Biden administration only changed course and sent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to visit East Palestine following the announcement that he intended to tour the disaster area.

“They changed their tune. It was an amazing phenomenon,” Trump added.

Fox News Channel’s Trump blackout plan failed, however.

In a post of Truth Social, Trump revealed how more than 100 million Americans saw clips of him visiting East Palestine and providing thousands of water bottles and clean supplies on social media.

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