Jack Smith slammed his fist in rage after he was thrown this curveball in the Trump case

Mar 5, 2024

Jack Smith is racing to begin his Soviet-style show trial against Donald Trump. 

His dream of throwing the former President in jail before the election hit a snag. 

And Jack Smith slammed his fist in rage after he was thrown this curveball in the Trump case.

The Supreme Court made one of the most consequential decisions of the 2024 election cycle when they agreed to hear former President Donald Trump’s claim of Presidential immunity in the January 6 criminal case against him.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has been trying to start the trial as soon as possible, with the goal of getting a criminal conviction before the election.

Trump’s legal team correctly claims that Smith has “a political motive” to start the trial before the election.

The Biden Justice Department could have brought criminal charges against Trump in 2021, but they waited to inflict the maximum amount of political damage in the middle of an election cycle.

The chances of the January 6 case going to trial before the election were dealt a massive setback by the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court hands Trump a victory

During an appearance on Fox News, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said that Donald Trump was handed a “real victory” by the Supreme Court when they agreed to hear his Presidential immunity claim.

“The real victory here for Trump deals with the calendar,” Turley explained. “You know, the overriding push of Smith, the special counsel, has been to get a trial before the election. He is running out of runway. If this opinion doesn’t come out until June, perhaps, you have to remember that even if Smith wins, the mandate goes back to the district court, which has to handle all the pre-trial motions. That could take months.”

Oral arguments for the case are slated to begin on April 22, and the Supreme Court could issue their ruling between June to as late as early July.

“They didn’t grant the stay, but they created effectively, or constructively, a stay by setting it for argument,” Turley said. “Trump has gotten what he has wanted and this is not going to be heard until the end of April, and then all bets are off when they might issue a decision. They could issue it before June, but there’s obviously some Justices here who have a lot to talk about on this issue.”

January 6 trial could start after the election

The Supreme Court weighing in on the Presidential immunity claim meant that the January 6 trial almost certainly won’t start until after the election.

The Democrats’ lawfare plan was to have Trump pinned down in a courtroom at the height of the campaign. 

Now those plans are in serious jeopardy after this ruling.

Smith’s case against Trump most likely won’t start before the election because of issues surrounding jurors seeing the classified materials. 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is in serious danger of being disqualified from the Georgia case over her improper relationship scandal.

Democrats will have to beat Donald Trump at the ballot box instead of a courtroom.

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