Joe Biden is in hot water after he was caught in this infuriating America Last betrayal

Feb 23, 2023

Joe Biden’s Presidency is an utter disaster for the country.

He’s sidelining Americans to put foreign countries first. 

But  Joe Biden is in hot water after he was caught in this infuriating America Last betrayal. 

The country achieved energy dominance by harnessing its vast natural resources under President Donald Trump.

After Joe Biden promised to end the use of fossil fuels as part of his radical environmental agenda, he declared war on American energy production on his first day in office.

While Biden is putting the clamps on the American oil and gas industry, he’s going hat in hand to foreign countries to fill the nation’s energy needs.

Joe Biden rejects American oil, boosts Venezuelan imports

Joe Biden is trying to keep gas prices under control ahead of his expected Presidential reelection campaign.

Instead of unleashing American energy, he’s turning to the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela for help.

For years, Venezuela’s state-run oil industry has been under sanctions to prevent brutal dictator Nicolás Maduro and his cronies from profiting from it.

However, Biden changed course on American policy towards Venezuela last year when gas prices hit record highs, as the Treasury Department quietly gave Chevron a license to import 100,000 barrels of crude oil a day from the country.

Today the United States receives almost three-million barrels of oil a month from Venezuela as American oil producers are being crushed.

Members of the American energy industry said that Biden is showing “outright hostility” to the industry and turning to a hostile country to fill the void.

“It’s really sad to see the way President Biden treats our domestic oil industry, while asking countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil,” Robert Rapier, a veteran of the energy industry told Fox News Digital.

Biden tried to leverage the Saudis to keep their oil flowing in the face of proposed production cuts, but they rejected his demand and moved forward with the cuts.

“I have never understood this outright hostility to an industry that is critically important for U.S. manufacturing, transportation, and national security,” Rapier continued. “Instead of working with the oil industry, President Biden approaches them with outright hostility, making demands upon them and criticizing them for making profits.”

The Biden regime’s scheme to work with the Venezuelan dictatorship kicked into overdrive last year after the Saudi’s declined to increase production.

“Unfortunately, when the Saudis stiff-armed the administration on production increases last summer, it left them with very few options for the type of crude many U.S. refineries need — particularly with the rapid draws from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” President of the U.S. Oil and Gas Association Tim Stewart said. “So last fall, they turned to the Marxist regime for an assist.”

America could produce two to three million more barrels of oil per day if Biden would allow it.

Turning to Venezuela for oil is undermining Biden’s environmental goals.

“Venezuela has the dirtiest oil production in the world,” Stewart said.

Joe Biden is treating the American oil industry as an enemy while happily working with and funneling money to a socialist dictatorship in Venezuela. 

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