Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a secret trip was exposed that could cost him everything

Aug 28, 2023

A mountain of evidence has been uncovered about the Biden crime family’s influence peddling operation.

Republicans are closing in on the smoking gun.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a secret trip was exposed that could cost him everything.

President Joe Biden insisted for years that he never talked business with his son Hunter.

After the House Oversight Committee caught Joe Biden lying red-handed about discussing business with Hunter, the regime changed its official story and claimed that the President was never in business with his son.

Secret trips that Hunter made on Air Force Two while his father was Vice President are raising serious concerns that Joe Biden is still lying about their relationship.

Hunter Biden concealed frequent travel with his father on government jet

According to a report from Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters, Hunter tagged along in secret and worked to hide his presence on Air Force Two while Vice President Joe Biden was on official business.

Hunter avoided being photographed with his father on the tarmac before takeoff and used the back staircase of the plane to avoid being seen.

Raw news footage revealed that the President’s son was traveling in the official Vice Presidential motorcade to foreign countries where he conducted business.

“We didn’t know about [the trips] because Hunter didn’t walk down the tarmac with his father,” Watters said. “It looks like Hunter snuck out of the jet through the back staircase.”

Waters said that the back staircase is usually reserved for members of the media who accompany the Vice President during his travels.

“This means the press knew Joe Biden was flying his son overseas and hiding it and they didn’t report it,” Watters explained. 

Watters pointed out that “most of the time, Hunter would already be in the limo by the time Joe Biden got off the plane. Hunter did his best to slink into the back seat.”

The Fox News host said the footage was “indisputable evidence” that Hunter used Air Force Two to carry out his influence peddling schemes.

“Taxpayers funded Hunter’s business travel so the Biden family could sneak around the world and get rich,” Watters added.

Uncovered video footage shows Joe Biden arriving in Berlin, Germany, in 2013 for the Munich Security Conference with Hunter trailing behind him.

The conference included a panel on energy with representatives from major European countries.

Less than a year later, despite having no experience in the industry, Hunter joined the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Hunter joined his father for a trip to Asia a few months later where he was seen leaving Air Force Two in Japan.

“What’s he doing in Japan?” Watters asked. “We don’t know. And the next day, Air Force Two took Joe and Hunter to China—the infamous trip where Joe Biden shook hands with a Chinese client in the lobby of a Beijing hotel. After that handshake, a $20 million deal materialized between China and the Biden clan.”

Hunter Biden secretly joining his father on so many trips is another damning piece of evidence that they were in business together.

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