Joe Biden just crossed one big line that could start a nuclear World War III

May 25, 2023

All hell is about to break loose.

Joe Biden’s blunders are threatening all life on earth.

And Joe Biden just crossed one big line that could start a nuclear World War III.

Joe Biden has already funneled over $130 billion in taxpayer money to Ukraine.

Biden directed money to Ukraine that could have been used to secure America’s border and also depleted the military’s arsenal, leaving the nation vulnerable to actual threats like Communist China.

Now Biden is escalating his war to dangerous new levels by announcing Americans will not train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighters.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded American fighter jets for months, but critics warned giving the Ukrainians these planes would allow them to strike Russian territory and cause a nuclear response.

Russia called Biden’s decision to supply the Ukrainians with F-16s a “colossal mistake.”

NBC’s Pete Alexander pressed National Security Council spokesman John Kirby about the decision to push the war one step closer to nuclear conflict.

“Let me follow up quickly. Just a short time ago, the Kremlin responded, calling this a, quote, ‘colossal risk.’ President Biden’s concern from the very beginning with providing F-16s was that it could potentially escalate this war. What assurances does the U.S. have from Ukraine that they won’t use these F-16s to fire into Russia that could widen this war?” Alexander pressed Kirby.

Kirby responded by claiming the American people could trust the Ukrainians to act responsibly and not use the planes to launch attacks into Russian territory.

“I will tell you, Peter, we have had multiple conversations with the Ukrainians about the risk of escalation here. Nobody wants to see World War III. And we have made it clear that we’re not going to encourage or enable Ukraine to strike inside Russian territory. Now, the Ukrainians have been very honest with us and very forthcoming and and quite frankly, very responsible when it comes to the kind of support we’re giving them, not using that to go inside Russia. So, we’ve had that discussion with the Ukrainians. We’ve had it with respect to fighter aircraft. We’re confident that they’ll live up to their commitments,” Kirby responded.

Joe Biden is now gambling the lives of every man, woman, and child on earth that the Ukrainians won’t shoot one errant missile on the wrong side of the Russian border.

Americans have already sacrificed $130 billion to fund Joe Biden’s crusade to secure Ukraine’s border while our own country’s southern border sits wide open.

Many Americans are saying enough is enough, especially when the threat of nuclear war hangs over the conflict.

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