Joe Biden received one message from angry voters that could cost him everything

Jan 29, 2024

Joe Biden has run the country into the ground during his first term in the Oval Office.

He’s scrambling to find a winning message for re-election.

And Joe Biden received one message from angry voters that could cost him everything.

President Joe Biden is heading into re-election as the weakest Democrat incumbent President since Jimmy Carter in 1980.

The economy is a mess, the world is in turmoil, and the country is grappling with the worst border crisis in history under his watch.

He’s leaning into fearmongering about former President Donald Trump and his supporters over January 6 and abortion-on-demand as the main messages of his campaign.

But voters are worried about kitchen table issues like the soaring cost of living and the economy.

Polling shows that voters trust Trump more than Biden to handle those issues, by a wide margin.

Voters in New Hampshire, which hosted the first in the nation Primary, are worried about making ends meet, not the President’s distractions about Trump and abortion.

New Hampshire voters are worried about being able to afford to live

As voters in New Hampshire headed to the polls for the first Primary of the 2024 election cycle, many expressed concerns over the deteriorating state of the country under Biden.

74-year-old retired veteran Bob Riggi told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he voted for Trump in 2016 and in 2020 and that “they couldn’t pay me to vote for anybody else.”

“I voted for Trump for all the right reasons, man,” Riggi said. “Gotta close the border. Gotta, you know, you have to keep those illegal immigrants out of here. Because they’re causing a huge drug problem, and they’re taking jobs away from the American people. They may be minimal jobs, but there’s jobs. They’re draining money, they’re getting paid to do things we don’t get paid for. Am I right? The list goes on and on.”

The rising cost of food while trying to live on a fixed income from social security made the economy his top issue.

“When you’re living on social security, the economy is — probably nothing more important than the economy, because you can’t afford food,” Riggi added. “You know, you go to the Market Basket, which is the cheapest place around, and you fill your basket up halfway, then it costs you hundreds of dollars! It’s ridiculous.”

Auburn, New Hampshire resident Joe was worried about the rising cost of everything after Biden took office.

“This breakfast is gonna be like 25 bucks, I’m not making 30% to 40% more than my paycheck,” Joe said. “You know, everything’s gone up. People complain about the price of gas, which is only part of it, but everything, you know? From everything you buy at the grocery store, everything. I want to make more money. Everything’s harder to find.”

Before his landslide victory, Ronald Reagan asked voters in a debate during the 1980 election if they were better off now than they were four years ago under Jimmy Carter.

Americans are worse off under the Biden economy and that spells big trouble for the embattled President’s re-election chances.

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