John Boehner just did one thing at Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker ceremony that left conservatives outraged

Dec 16, 2022

It’s undeniable that Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most influential politicians in Washington, D.C. in generations.

Even with that being said there’s no need for some RINO Republican to practically worship the ground she walks on. 

But John Boehner just did one thing at Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker ceremony that left conservatives outraged.

Washington, D.C. is filled with some of the nation’s longest serving “workers.”

Congress: The Walking Dead

When you actually look around in the private sector it’s hard to find someone who’s been at the same job for 40-plus years. 

But in the halls of Congress, a day doesn’t go by where you don’t meet a living fossil who has been in those chambers since the foundation of our nation. 

Many have speculated Senator Feinstein is actually just a stuffed mannequin as she has been in the Senate for over 30 years and is going on 90-years-old. 

When you look at Mitch McConnell, the man has been lurking around Washington, D.C. since 1984. 

And even President Biden is somehow still breathing. 

Biden has literally been in the Swamp practically his whole adult life since 1972. 

It’s really amazing that these people can live and work for so long. 

It looks like the fountain of youth might actually exist and its secret formula is just to not really work a hard day in your life and to steal money from taxpayers to pay for your health. 

But there’s one politician who has not only been there forever but is also the most influential political figure of our lifetime. 

Nancy Pelosi started walking the halls of Congress in 1987. 

And ever since she walked into Washington, D.C. she has established a grip on the Democrat Party like no other figure has in recent memory. 

Most of the radical agenda on the Left that has passed Congress over the years was approved and manipulated by Nancy Pelosi. 

And she has been a thorn in Republicans’ sides since she became Speaker for the first time in 2007. 

Thankfully for the American people the old hag is finally retiring. 

But in true Nancy Pelosi fashion everything has to be about her and Congress held a painting reveal ceremony for the former Speaker of the House. 

Boehner can’t stop crying over Pelosi

And one of the main speakers for the event was old RINO John Boehner himself. 

Many of us remember John Boehner as being a mouthpiece for the establishment Republican class. 

He worried about himself and his pals and could care less about what happened to the American people. 

And in all honesty he was more worried about making friends with Democrats than he was about pushing the conservative platform. 

And Boehner took the opportunity to kiss Nancy Pelosi’s rear end one more time. 

During his speech John Boehner had a tear running down his face and claimed, “Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘Tell the Speaker how much we admire her.”

And with a grin on his face he continued, “If you couldn’t tell, my girls are Democrats.”

Like father, like daughters. 

The guy is pathetic.

Leave it to John Boehner to ball his eyes out as Nancy Pelosi leaves Washington, D.C. after spending years destroying the American dream making hard-working Americans sob over their sorry state.

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