Justin Trudeau was trembling in fear after he was faced with the biggest political backlash of his career

Jan 31, 2023

Justin Trudeau has spent the last few years ruling over Canada with an iron fist. 

In the United States, the Left and the media cannot get enough of the way Trudeau has implemented his authoritarian policies. 

But Justin Trudeau was trembling in fear after he was faced with the biggest political backlash of his career. 

The rise of Socialist Trudeau

While Brexit and Donald Trump brought the populist wave into global politics, there was also a massive push by socialists to elect young leaders to replace the politicians who led the leftist movement for decades prior. 

We saw the socialists gain major ground here in the United States with the election of the young and popular leader of Barack Obama in 2008. 

The same was true in European nations like France when Emmanuel Macron took over the French Republic right after Trump was elected in 2017. 

In France, Macron has become one of the most-despised figures in Europe as he positions himself to be the great protector of the failing European Union. 

But out of all the young socialists that were hoisted into positions of power internationally, Justin Trudeau of Canada is still going strong. 

Back in 2015, Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister for our northern neighbors. 

And leading up to the pandemic, Trudeau did the usual socialist agenda you would think of. 

Back in the beginning of 2020, Trudeau pushed the strictest gun control in Canada’s history with a complete ban on common semi-automatic firearms like the M14 rifle. 

But once the pandemic hit, Justin Trudeau saw the opportunity to really take advantage and push the socialist tendencies of tyranny. 

And Trudeau enforced rules upon Canada with an iron fist.

Canadians had it worse under Trudeau than most Americans did during the beginning of the panic. 

Trudeau took the lockdowns further than even states like California, which couldn’t match the control Canada had over its citizens. 

And once the vaccines came out, Trudeau went into high gear to force it upon his constituents. 

If you wanted to live, work, provide for your family, or travel in any way you needed to get the jab. 

Such restrictions on your life filled countless Canadians with rage. 

And no matter how much they protested in the streets, Justin Trudeau was able to avoid any confrontation. 

Even with the massive truckers protest in Canada early last year, Justin Trudeau fled Ottawa to a safe house in Michigan. 

But it looks like Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical rule has finally caught up to him. 

Trudeau faces the pain of Canadians

While attending his political parties retreat in Hamilton, Ontario, Justin Trudeau was caught in the middle of a huge protest. 

As protestors waited outside the building where the retreat was taking place, Trudeau’s security detail tried to make its way through the angry crowd. 

But the crowd was barely budging and Trudeau was trapped in the crowd. 

While he was trapped in the crowd people were screaming at him “tyrant” along with other angry epithets.

You could just see the fear on Trudeau and his security detail’s faces. 

But finally he was allowed into the building as the protestors still chanted against him and his tyrannical mandates. 

For the first time, he was faced with the pain and anger he has caused the people of Canada. 

But it will take many more confrontations like this before tyrants like Trudeau change their ways. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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