Kellyanne Conway just revealed who Donald Trump should pick as Vice President

Feb 9, 2024

Donald Trump will eventually need to pick a running mate.

One of his top advisors hinted about who the selection may end up being.

And Kellyanne Conway just revealed who Donald Trump should pick as Vice President.

Conway told Fox News that Trump has a whole variety of options available to him for his Vice Presidential selection due to Kamala Harris’ weakness on the debate stage.

“I think President Trump has a lot of runway when it comes to choosing his running mate,” Conway began, before noting that “almost anyone President Trump is considering and would consider as a serious running mate can absolutely beat Kamala Harris in a debate.”

Since polls show Trump is making inroads with black voters, Conway said he should pick South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as his running mate.

“I think that Tim Scott checks a lot of the boxes, somebody who dropped out of the race and is actively campaigning for President Trump, but who will eat into this notion that the Democrats have a lock on African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, union households,” Conway added. “Tim Scott is very — Senator Scott is very articulate when it comes to the issue of abortion. He seems to be able to explain how the other side is extreme and what it means to be pro-life in 2024.”

The establishment would certainly love the idea of Scott on Trump’s ticket.

Scott would be the nominee if Mitch McConnell and his allies in the Senate had their way.

Scott is a forceful backer of a blank check for Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine and every other foreign policy adventure of the Swamp.

Conservatives soured on Scott during Trump’s first term in office after he used woke identity politics to play the race card against two of Trump’s judicial nominees.

Trump’s Vice Presidential selection is of critical importance since that person will enter the 2028 election as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

And picking Tim Scott would put the GOP establishment back in the driver’s seat to regain control of the Party.

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