Kristi Noem sounded the alarm on this surprising threat from China

Mar 27, 2024

China is capitalizing on the weak leadership in the White House.

They’re operating beneath the radar in places that no one expected. 

And Kristi Noem sounded the alarm on this surprising threat from China.

China has been flexing its muscles around the globe with the use of soft power.

Soft power allows the Chinese to use its financial might to quietly build influence in countries by purchasing real estate and businesses.

That’s why concerns are growing about China buying up vast acreage of farmland across the country.

China is trying to take over American agriculture 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) told Fox News host Sean Hannity about the threat from China against American farmland and agricultural companies.

“I’ve watched China come in and buy up our fertilizer companies,” Noem said. “They bought up our crop care companies, like our chemical companies.”

China has long been accused of industrial espionage and stealing intellectual property.

Now they’re stealing genetically modified seeds that are patented. 

“They bought up our, stole our genetics,” Noem continued. “They’ve bought up our processing facilities, now they’re coming after our land. And when they do that, Sean, they will control the food supply, and the country that can’t feed themselves — we are no longer in control of our destiny.”

China controlling the food supply has massive national security implications for America.

“If you think a pandemic was scary, imagine what happens when they control our food,” Noem warned. “We’re only three meals away from a crisis in this country. People will break down and panic if they can’t put food on the table and there’s nothing on the grocery store table for their family.”

Kristi Noem says Chinese spies are in the American heartland

Noem confessed that the Biden State Department warned her that Chinese spies were trying to steal information on crop genetics in South Dakota.

“We had spies in South Dakota this summer,” Noem explained. “They were spies that came into our state, that wanted to tour our facilities and steal our genetics.” 

Congressional Republicans are pushing for measures to stop China from buying farmland and critical parts of the agriculture industry. 

“Acted like they were ‘good actors’ and just days later the State Department called us and said, ‘Did you meet with these people? Because they were spies and they were there to steal all your information, and your companies’ private information. And if you did meet with them because we need to debrief you.’ And, thankfully, we had refused all their meetings,” Noem recounted.

American agriculture is another target of the Chinese government’s growing surveillance operations inside the U.S.

“But that’s what they’re doing and it’s from every angle and they’re crossing the southern border on purpose because their government is sending them here to spy on us,” Noem concluded.

She signed a bill this year that would ban China and other foreign adversaries from owning farmland in South Dakota.

“China would never allow any American to buy their land, ever!” Hannity exclaimed. “Why would we be that stupid? Why are we allowing that to happen? Why is it not a no-brainer that both parties would agree on?”

President Joe Biden is asleep at the switch while China is slowly gobbling up American farmland.

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