MAGA voters now have 17 million new reasons to smile

Jul 20, 2022

Republican voters and potential 2024 candidates are all waiting to hear one big decision from former President Donald Trump.

For now, the 45th President of the United States is keeping everyone guessing on his future.

But Trump supporters were just given 17 million new reasons to smile ahead of any announcement.

For the love of money

Former President Donald Trump has recently stated that he’s made up his mind on another potential run for the White House.

However, his lips are sealed, for now, as to when he’ll share that decision with the public.

In the meantime, Trump’s political team is moving and shaking behind the scene.

And in the latest campaign finance report, Trump’s three main political fundraising committees brought in a haul of more than $17 million.

That’s from just three months, April-June, of fundraising.

According to financing reports, Trump’s Save America PAC, Save America JFC (joint fundraising committee), and MAGA PAC — have a combined $112 million in cash on hand in their warchest.

“Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime”

A campaign coffer of that size gives the 45th President of the United States plenty of options for his political future.

Does he want to expand on Truth Social and create a political media empire?

Or, he could continue his 2022 work and be the kingmaker of the GOP for the next generation.

And of course, he could use it for a third bid at the Presidency.

Given the disappointing results of Trump’s 2020 race, many political insiders believe the real estate mogul, businessman, best-selling author, and reality television star will want a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden.

The $17 million haul in just three months proves Trump still has support of the GOP rank and file.

The former President’s committees average donation during the second quarter was $27.17. from 625,723 contributions.

“Money can drive some people out of their minds”

But Team Trump isn’t giving away any clues which direction the Art of the Deal author plans to go with his money.

“President Trump’s endorsement record currently stands at over 98% as he continues to grow the MAGA movement,” said Taylor Budowich, Communications Director for the Save America PAC. “His political committees are not just raising massive sums, but he’s investing that money in Saving America through his endorsed, America First candidates who are set to win in a very big way in November.”

That sounds like Trump is leaning toward king-making.

However, Budowich didn’t stop there.

“President Trump is incredibly well-positioned to look beyond November as the need for his leadership has never been more important,” Budowich told Fox News recently.

$17 million would give Trump a huge head-start over any of his potential GOP primary opponents.

The former President recently told New Yorker Magazine he is still deciding whether to announce his future plans this summer, or wait until after the 2022 Midterm elections.

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