The Democrat Party won’t survive the next few weeks if this poll is correct

Nov 4, 2022

More and more polls are showing the Democrats are about to lose many Congressional and Governor’s seats in next week’s election. 

But no one just a couple of months ago could believe the poll numbers coming out now. 

And the Democrat Party won’t survive the next few weeks if this poll is correct.

Midterm elections always have some surprising results. 

Democrats are going to pay next week

Generally the party in power loses ground in the Midterm elections after assuming the White House. 

It’s happened election after election for nearly twenty years. 

And that trend seems destined to hold in this year’s election. 

Democrats have done everything they can to ruin this nation over the past couple of years. 

The economy is wrecked. 

World War III is about to break out in Eastern Europe. 

Gas and home energy bills are about to bankrupt countless Americans. 

Schools have turned into nothing more than groomer mills for the Left’s radical agenda. 

And leftists seem to care more about mutilating children in the name of making more trannies than to actually do anything to help save our nation. 

Well, the Left’s reward for ruining our nation looks to be a record-breaking red wave. 

Just over the summer, it was the general belief that Republicans would take the House but lose control of the Senate along with many Governor’s races.  

But now the polls look drastically different and fear is starting to grip the Democrat Party. 

Republicans are poised to win the House easily. 

Even seats in heavy blue and left-wing strongholds like California and New York are starting to move in the right direction for Republicans. 

And Republicans are poised to take the vast majority of the Governor’s races next week. 

Things are looking so good for Republicans that both Ron Desantis in Florida and Kari Lake in Arizona are polling double digits ahead of their opponents in the two states that are seen as the ultimate swing states. 

But the Senate races are the races that are shocking political pundits on both sides of the aisle. 

And when this Senate poll came out, Democrats didn’t know if they should cry or just give up. 

Surprise in Washington

In 2020, Joe Biden “won” Washington State by over nineteen points over Donald Trump. 

Well, a poll was released late last week which showed the Democrat Senate incumbent Patty Murray only leading by one point over Republican candidate Tiffany Smiley.

One point and well within the margin of error. 

That’s an eighteen point swing in just one election cycle for Republicans if this poll turns out to be true. 

Such swings in politics are very rare and could spell the end of the Democrat voting coalition as we know it if this poll holds. 

But Republicans have a serious chance of winning the Senate seat in Washington and other Senate seats like Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and even Pennsylvania.

Time will tell if these polls turn out to be true but if history shows us anything it’s that Republicans tend to do better than what the polls suggest. 

Then the real question is will the Republican red wave result in real change for Americans or will it end up being just a RINO stampede. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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