This former Trump advisor issued a warning about Joe Biden’s latest foreign policy blunder

Dec 12, 2022

Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been a disaster in every way. 

Our enemies are more emboldened than ever.

And this former Trump advisor issued a warning about Joe Biden’s latest foreign policy blunder.

Thanks to Joe Biden, a dangerous criminal is back in Russia. 

Viktor Bout sold weapons that were used against Americans and gained the nickname the “Merchant of Death.”

He was captured in a sting operation and was convicted of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization. 

For his crimes, he was sentenced to a relatively lenient 25 years in prison. 

But now he is in Vladimir Putin’s hands because Joe Biden traded him in a prisoner swap for Britney Griner, a basketball player that Russia had snatched up on marijuana charges. 

This policy encourages hostage taking

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State, warned about the dangerous precedent this sets. 

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Pompeo said, “I’m glad Brittney Griner is back home. They were able to accomplish this. But my mission was always to get every American back but at the same time not create the risk more Americans would be taken. There is no doubt today, not just Vladimir Putin, all the bad guys, the Iranians, and others who hold Americans in detention see if you take a celebrity, the chance of getting one of your bad guys back out if American control is greater and I think for people out there of notoriety it is more likely they will be taken hostage today, and that is not a good policy.”

Pompeo pointed out that such an exchange would not have taken place under the Trump administration. 

“The Trump administration was always very clear, we weren’t going to trade bad guys for celebrities because it creates the wrong incentives for the bad guys. It’s not good for American national security. It’s not good for people who are traveling across the world,” he said.

Pompeo noted that the Trump administration was working toward the release of Americans being detained in Russia.

“We were working hard on each of the cases, including Paul Whelan’s case, during my time in service. We were talking with the Russians at multiple levels with our ambassador on the ground there in Russia,” Pompeo added.

Paul Whelan is a former Marine who Russia is holding on dubious espionage charges. 

Despite offering up such a high value trade as Bout, Biden only secured Griner’s release and did nothing about freeing Whelan.

As Pompeo pointed out, Biden just sent a message to our enemies around the world that if they want to get back one of their guys being held in American custody, all they need to do is snatch up an American with minor celebrity status. 

This is just another way that Joe Biden continues to project weakness on the world stage. 

Now Americans traveling abroad are less safe due to Biden’s actions.

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