Tulsi Gabbard told Tucker Carlson one devastating truth about Joe Biden visiting Ukraine

Feb 24, 2023

Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media tried to play it like a game-changing event.

But Tulsi Gabbard told Tucker Carlson one devastating truth about Joe Biden visiting Ukraine.

Joe Biden shows no sign of taking his foot off the gas pedal in escalating his war with Russia over Ukraine.

Biden’s trip was a signal that the administration was preparing to send even more taxpayer money into the fight to secure Ukraine’s border.

Tulsi Gabbard warned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky already believes this is World War III and that America is committed to the fight no matter what.

“Well you heard it from Zelensky himself talking about the consequences of World War III,” Gabbard told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson. “The thing is, he has made it very clear that that is where he thinks we are already, that we are in World War III.”

Gabbard said Zelensky’s growing lists of demands for offensive weapons is a way to pull the United States and NATO into direct conflict with Russia.

“Ukraine is the tip of the spear and this is how he justifies demanding, making demands of the United States and all of these NATO countries to equip him with all of the weapons and aircraft and tanks that the United States and NATO have to go and fight this war that we are in against Russia,” Gabbard continued. “He is doing everything he can to bring us and NATO into this war, directly into conflict with Russia.”

Gabbard explained that Zelensky even resorted to deception to try and start a war between NATO and Russia after a Ukrainian missile defense system fired a rocket that landed in Poland and killed two villagers.

Zelensky’s first response was to falsely claim Putin attacked a NATO ally in the hopes of tricking America into retaliating against Russia.

“You remember when the Ukrainian missile defense system, unfortunately, had a missile that went into Poland and killed two civilians on a farm,” Gabbard added. “What did Zelensky say? His very first thing, the first person on camera saying, ‘Hey this is a direct attack on a NATO ally. US and NATO you must go and attack Russia.’”

Gabbard said what worried her was the cavalier attitude that Zelensky and other pro-Ukraine Republicans and Democrats took towards World War III.

These war hawks act like America could win a nuclear war, when in reality a nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia would end all human life on earth.

“The scary thing to me Tucker is to hear people like Zelensky, to hear Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress and Biden administration officials speak so calmly and with a straight face about World War III,” Gabbard explained. “How would it be won? How would we respond to the use of tactical nuclear weapons? What are our options on this battlefield? Forgetting what Ronald Reagan said when he said that a nuclear war cannot be won and therefore should never be fought.”

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