Jesse Watters gave Donald Trump one shocking piece of advice for 2024 that no one saw coming

Apr 16, 2024

Donald Trump is starting to hit his stride on the campaign trail.

He’s in his natural element interacting with voters.

And Jesse Watters gave Donald Trump one shocking piece of advice for 2024 that no one saw coming. 

Donald Trump wows crowd at Chick-fil-A

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta before a campaign fundraiser.

He received a warm welcome before he began shaking hands and signing autographs with the staff and patrons.

Trump bought 30 milkshakes and some chicken for the customers and his entourage.

While he was chatting with the crowd, a black woman came up to Trump to tell him that she was a supporter.

“I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you,” the woman said.

“Come here — let me give you a hug,” Trump replied.

The pair took a picture, which resulted in cheers from the almost entirely black crowd. 

Trump is a gifted retail politician who excels at in-person campaigning.

Jesse Watters said Trump should make more appearances like Chick-fil-A

During a discussion on The Five, Fox News host Jesse Watters said that Trump should run a “Chick-fil-A campaign.

“The Chick-fil-A event. This was an event to behold,” Watters said. “Now everything you have heard about Donald Trump in the press, he is like this dangerous racist. He waltzes in there, orders food, and about a dozen African-American women flocked to him and took selfies.” 

“African-American women, the most loyal voting bloc in the Democratic Party. He has them giggling. He has them lining up, she says mom, I’m famous now. All love in the Chick-fil-A. Now if he can just do this, I would run the Chick-fil-A campaign,” Watters added.

Trump walked into what could have been a hostile environment with a predominately black crowd, but he was able to work the room and the event generated positive headlines for his campaign.

“I would just go to as many restaurants, grocery stores, malls as I could, and just have regular Americans swarm him, embrace him, and love him,” Watters explained. “And that is what is going to win him the election.”

Media pushing a phony narrative about Trump 

Personal appearances like the Atlanta Chick-fil-A reveal that the public at large doesn’t buy the lies from the media about Trump.

“They keep saying he’s going to end democracy and I hang around with a lot of liberals, my family are liberals, even my mother doesn’t think he is going to end democracy,” Watters said. “This talking point only exists on MSNBC. No one even comes up to Johnny on the streets and says Trump is a dictator and will end democracy. I’ve never heard this anywhere except on cable news. It’s not sinking in.”

Trump comes across as authentic and likable when he can press the flesh and kiss babies during in-person campaigning.

The more the public sees Donald Trump without the filter of the media, the better it is for his campaign.

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