Lauren Boebert picked up one big victory that the establishment is going to hate

Apr 12, 2024

The GOP establishment was hoping to send Lauren Boebert packing from Congress.

Now their plan suffered a serious setback.

And Lauren Boebert picked up one big victory that the establishment is going to hate.

After she was first elected in 2020, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) quickly became one of the fiercest supporters of former President Donald Trump in Congress.

But now she’s fighting to keep her job after she switched Congressional districts in Colorado.

Boebert trying to replace Never-Trump RINO

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) announced that he was retiring from Congress after this session.

He started as a conservative, but in his final years in the House, he began angling for a career in the media by frequently appearing on CNN.

Buck voted against the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and claimed that there was no evidence of wrongdoing in the investigations into President Joe Biden.

His departure meant that Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District – the most Republican in the state – would be open.

Boebert switched Congressional seats to run in the Fourth District where it appeared she would be on a glide path to the GOP nomination.

But Buck abruptly resigned from Congress in March, which further endangered the slim GOP majority and set the stage for a Special Election to replace him.

The sudden resignation set the stage for establishment Republicans and Party insiders to try and install one of Boebert’s GOP Primary challengers as the Republican nominee for the Special Election at a nominating convention.

But Greg Lopez – a former candidate for Governor – was selected to be the GOP’s nominee in the Special Election.

He pledged that he wouldn’t run for re-election in the fall and would simply finish out the rest of Buck’s term.

The Special Election and the Republican Primary for the seat are being held on June 25.

Boebert avoids a messy situation on the ballot where voters might have seen one of her Primary rivals receive more media coverage, fundraising opportunities, and attention for running in the Special Election.

Boebert picks up endorsement and the top line on the ballot 

To qualify for the Primary ballot for the fall’s General Election, Republican candidates can either petition their way onto the ballot by collecting signatures or compete for a spot at an assembly meeting during the Colorado Republican Party’s State Convention.

Boebert competed at the Fourth Congressional District’s nominating assembly in Pueblo, Colorado, ahead of the State Convention.

She won the contest with 41% of the vote from delegates, which means that her name will be at the top of the Primary ballot in June.

The assembly also saw one of her main rivals, former State Senator Ted Harvey (R), fail to get enough support to qualify for the ballot.

Since Harvey was the other conservative candidate in the race, much of his support should go to Boebert.

“I’m so honored today to have these numbers showing that the efforts are working,” Boebert said. “I don’t have to argue about my record. I have that track record of doing exactly what I say. You know where I stand on the issues. And it’s not a wonder to you what I will do as your representative in Colorado’s 4th District.”

Lauren Boebert took a big step forward to returning to Congress with her win.

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